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 Post subject: What Tower Raiders Really Needs
PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2010 7:32 am 
Well I guess it is more of a list of possible improvements or just wanna have enhancements.

* A custom map editor (only works with paid for version)
Players being able to make maps will only improve this game and attract a greater number of customers.

* Better multi-touch response for screen resizing. The current one is cumbersome.

* Granula speed control based on leve dificulty
First Contact = -2, -1, 0, +1, +2
Invasion = 0, +1, +2
Towergeddon = 0, +2
Raidpocalypse = 0
This would make it easier for new players to learn how to play better

* A self destruct option that does a different amount of damage and range based on unit level and type.

* Upgrading of combat units from battle experience gained (XP) as an extension to buying an upgraded model (lvl1 Green, lvl2 Yellow, lvl3 Red) with energy.
5 XP lvls for Rowers (Trainee, Standard, Advanced, Expert, Elite)
3 XP lvls for Cannon & Mortar (Standard, Advanced, Expert)
4 XP lvls for Laser (Standard, Advanced, Expert, Elite)
3 XP lvls for Stinger (Advanced, Expert, Elite)

* A "Retor-Fit" option so you can change a unit type into a different unit type.
Tower to Laser, Cannon, Flamer or Mortar
Laser to Cold Ray, Solar Array
Stinger to Cannon or Mortar or Tower
Cannon to Mortar, Flamer or Stinger
The cost should require some amount of XP or a minimum level and some energy.

* As the General you should earn Combat Points (CP). The CP can be spent on a single use special weapon.
Caltrops - slows all car type, un-armoured vehicle
Number of Caltrops: 5
Duration: 5 seconds
Recharge: 10 seconds
Area of Effect: 1 tile
EMP - Disrupts all shields
Number of Uses: 1
Duration: 15 seconds
Recharge: 30 seconds
Area of Effect: entire screen
Air Strike - Targeted bombing run on ground units
Number of Strikes: 3 bombing runs
Duration: n/a
Recharge: 30 seconds
Area of Effect: 2 x 5 tiles
Nuke - Nuclear weapons are available for deployment
Number of Nukes: 1
Duration: n/a
Recharge: 300 seconds
Area of Effect: 7 x 7 tiles
Special: Residual radiation damage for 60 seconds

* Multi-Player Support
I'll leave this one ope for discussion as I have had a few different ideas on how this could work as a real time and turn based version.

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